The Kingdom City Strategy

It is the intention of Afro-Vision to build a “Kingdom City” that will contain a Bible School and general training colleges, a university, convention centers for meetings, hotels and condominiums, leisure and entertainment facilities, as well as host the Kingdom Bank and World Trade Center. In the long-term, these and the activities mentioned below are to be located on a 200-acre piece of land situated near the Kenyan Coast – Mombasa.

1. To set up a Kingdom Ministry Co-ordination Department (KMCD) that will:

  • Disseminate the Vision to the Church Structure in Africa through convening meetings, seminars, conferences and crusades.
  • Create a member’s database and newsletter which will inform members of activities and news from all over the continent
  • Put up a video conferencing studio/theatre that will be used to tap into renowned men of God, as well as show Christian films and message
  • Create a database of ministries and organizations on the African continent
  • Provide a Counseling service to those in need of it

2. To set up a Kingdom Consultancy and Training Department (KCTD), that will:

  • Develop and conduct teaching and training programmes based upon Biblical Kingdom principles to:-
  • Impart wisdom and knowledge (values of life) to pertinent social groups;
  • Provide business training;
  • Provide information Technology training;
  • Develop, publish and sell books, audio and video tapes relating to the training programmes;
  • Motivate to excellence and integrity;
  • Organize seminars and workshops as required;
  • Create a database of resource persons and companies.

3. To set up a Kingdom Trade Centre (KTC), that will:

  • Form the core for the activities of Afro-Vision. This would serve as a:
    • Business Center, handling
    • Business investments
    • Joint ventures
    • Virtual offices for visitors
    • Publishing information for networking opportunities
    • Organization of networking meetings
    • Creation of a business directory and investment guide
    • The creation of a database of resource persons and companies
    • Hosting Trade Missions
    • Hosting Trade Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Communications Center, providing
    • Secretarial services
    • Telephone and fax facilities
    • Photocopying facilities
    • E-mail, internet and web browsing facilities
    • E-commerce facilities
  • Employment Bureau, connecting the CTD with the Business Center in providing manpower of proven integrity and excellence to employers
  • Kingdom Bank, that will provide
    • Banking services for the trade that the Business Center generates, as well as facilities for the center’s members
    • Micro-finance credit facilities for start-ups and running businesses