Kingdom Trade Centre

Mission Statement

To enhance the capacity of African business by providing the necessary framework for intra-African and international trade, as well as enabling the appropriate technology transfer from other countries.


  • To create a Business center, handling:
    • Business investments
    • Joint ventures
    • Virtual offices for visitors
    • Publishing information for networking opportunities
    • Organization of networking meetings
    • Creation of a business directory and investment guide
    • The creation of a database of resource persons and companies
    • Hosting Trade Missions
    • Hosting Trade Conferences & Exhibitions
  • To create a Communications Center, providing:
    • E-mail
    • Telephone and fax facilities
    • Photocopying facilities
    • Internet and web browsing facilities
    • E-commerce facilities
  • To create an Employment Bureau, connecting the KCTD with the Business Center in providing manpower of proven integrity and excellence to employers
  • To set up a Kingdom Bank, that will provide:
    • Banking services for the trade that the Business center generates, as well as facilities for the center’s members
    • Micro-finance credit facilities for start-ups and running businesses


  • To create a business membership that will subscribe to use the facilities mentioned in the objectives above
  • Create an electronic bulletin board for buyers and sellers of products world-wide
  • Actively liase with the relevant Government organs to facilitate trade and commerce
  • Keep members informed about latest developments in international trade through a newsletter
  • Actively lobby parliamentarians to support laws that make running a business easier
  • Research and source technologies and equipment from alternative countries that will enhance the growth of business in Africa
  • Liase with Chambers of Commerce of different nations to find new investment and joint-venture opportunities
  • Offer quality manpower to business members for their businesses from the training department.