Kingdom Consultancy & Training Department

Mission Statement

To equip and train individuals from all levels of society to become mature and confident exponents of the kingdom of God wherever they are, and to teach them the principal relevance and use of scriptural principles in the secular world.


To organize seminars and workshops as required to:

  • Impart wisdom and knowledge (values of life) to pertinent social groups
  • Provide business training and enhance the capacity building of individuals and ministry by helping them strengthen their administrative pillars
  • Teach the importance of understanding cutting-edge information technology in the spreading of the kingdom of God today
  • Develop, publish and distribute and sell books, literature, audio and video tapes relating to the training programmes;
  • Motivate to excellence and integrity and to make clear how to determine:-
    • God’s purpose for individual life
    • Personal vision and mission in life
    • God’s place in one’s life and business
    • Divine direction
    • Your position in the organization and domain in the place of work
    • Goal-setting and achieving
  • Compile a database of resource persons and companies


  • To identify training programmes designed to bring out and develop the inherent potential in our people (e.g. ICCC programmes)
  • To develop programs that will prepare businessmen to run world-class business {start-up, running and expansion (consolidation)} while incorporating scriptural principles.
  • To demonstrate practically the efficacy and necessity of the use of information technology in taking kingdoms for Christ